About Me

We think that bikes are cool toys that make you happy. It’s the smile as you ride straight through a traffic jam on your flite 100 or the flickering forest sunlight as you find the flow in the singletrack, your alite 2000 working it smooth, just like it should.

At KHS Bikes it starts and ends with the ride. We live the ride and our design philosophy is pretty simple. It starts with real world frame geometry, the right materials, technology and parts selection to max your ride for your budget. It’s not an easy task in a competitive market with ever rising costs, but we use our 35 years of bike building experience for the demanding USA market to make bikes that feel like the dealer put the wrong ticket on it, every time you go riding.

The proof is in the riding and every time the UK bike press like one of our bikes it encourages us to keep doing what we’re doing.

We don’t like to blind with science, but have some background on the tech we use and our design philosophy.

KHS Bicycles Inc are based in the Dominguez Hills in California.

KHS Bicycles have been there since 1974 working with west coast bike heads and team racers to develop and evolve the KHS bike range to what it is today. KHS distributes bikes into more than 30 countries and makes over 100 models across KHS, Free Agent BMX and Manhattan Cruisers.

A good way of understanding KHS is to know that unlike many modern marketing led bike brands, we own our production facilities and assemble our bikes in house. Why is that significant? Well it means we control production quality from design, research, testing, sourcing of materials and assembly through to making sure our paint finishes come out just the way we like them.

It also means we can trust in our experienced team of employees with their great craft as welders (take a moment to look closely at the elegant welds our steel frames) or the quality of our bike assembly teams, all supported by a management team with over 200 years of combined experience in the bike industry. That counts for something. Our approach helps us to achieve the right balance of performance, quality and value which are our driving principles when we develop bikes for our customers.

The bikes are distributed in the UK and Ireland by us – KHS Bikes. We have worked closely with KHS Bicycles Inc, USA for over four years, solidly building momentum for the range with a series of excellent reviews, demo events, exhibitions and UK spec input.  We understand KHS bikes because unlike many distributors, we only sell KHS bikes, giving KHS USA rider feedback from our staff, customers and the critical UK bike press. It helps us to offer bikes that stand out in the UK market as great riding, great value bikes.